Kaleidoscope 01.jpg


Urban Design Proposal

Kaleidoscope embodies Peace Corps’s belief in individual service and collective impact.  Comprised of a series of folded planes, the project originates from the “seed” pillar located at Louisiana Avenue and 1st Street.  With clear self-reflection on metal surfaces, the “seed” pillar represents individual’s conscience and gift of service for common good.


Bound by sidewalks and paths, inner triangular zone is divided into established modules for northward transformative multiplication.  Each step of increasing folds creates multi-dimensional faceted surfaces reflecting kaleidoscopic surrounding of the site, the city, and the community of visitors meandering through.


Triangular site provides multiple transformative reading of the project.  While regular rhythm and autonomy of each pillar are maintained when viewed from C and 1st Street, aggregation of pillars stand united with contiguous folds in certain views around the site.  Balancing clarity of individual and transformation of collective, Kaleidoscope allows each visitor to find clarity through personal­­ introspection only to give in to augmented collection that exist within diverse, multifaceted world.


Location: Washington D.C.

Project Type: Competition

Design Period: 2015